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Welcome to the Department of Elder Affairs’ web-based training site. The DOEA Web-Based Training site is currently home to the following online training programs:

To enter either of these trainings, click on the individual link above.  For more information about each of these training programs, please see the main menu options on the left side of the page for a detailed description of each program offered.

Thank you for your interest in serving elders and adults with disabilities in our great state of Florida.  

    Available courses

    The purpose of this training is to provide you—the assessor or case manager-- with the knowledge you will need to properly conduct a face to face comprehensive assessment of an elderly person or person with disabilities, and to document your findings by completing each section of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ 701B Comprehensive Assessment Form.

    This course will equip you—the ACFP provider—with the knowledge and skills to meet ACFP service and record keeping requirements.