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Dear Training Participant: 

Welcome to the Department of Elder Affairs’ web-based comprehensive assessment training. The Comprehensive Assessment (701B) is the most extensive form we use, and each of the other forms contain a shorter question set from it. This training has been designed around the comprehensive form in order to address the broadest amount of information staff may need to collect. This training prepares you to complete each of the screening and assessment forms (701A, 701B, 701C, 701S, and 701T) used by the Department and aging network. 

This comprehensive training program includes modules that address the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a screener, assessor, or case manager working with elders and adults with disabilities. It includes topics that will help build successful relationships with clients, offers detailed information about the contents of the forms, and provides training on how to respond to and document the variety of situations many case managers or assessors encounter.  

The estimated time to complete the training is between six – eight hours. This timing varies by individual in completing scenarios, quizzes, and in navigation through each module. To complete this training, the 701B Comprehensive Assessment Instrument and the 701D Assessment Instructions are needed. Sections of both are uploaded in each of the training modules, or can be accessed in their entirety on the Department’s website at

The expectation is to complete each module before continuing to the next. After completing all of the training modules, a qualifying exam is given to demonstrate the understanding of the material and ability to apply critical concepts needed to assess the health and functional status of an elder or an adult with disabilities. 

After successful completion of the exam, please download a certificate for printing to document the completion of the training. A copy of this certificate may need to be provided to confirm the qualifications to conduct the 701B Comprehensive Assessment Instrument. It is suggested that a copy be saved for one’s own records. The material covered in this training will remain available for future reference. 

Thank you for your interest in serving elders and adults with disabilities in our great state of Florida.  


Jeffrey Bragg

    Available courses

    The purpose of this training is to provide you—the assessor or case manager-- with the knowledge you will need to properly conduct a face to face comprehensive assessment of an elderly person or person with disabilities, and to document your findings by completing each section of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ 701B Comprehensive Assessment Form.   This training is meant as a companion to the 701D Assessment Instructions.

    This course will equip you—the ACFP provider—with the knowledge and skills to meet ACFP service and record keeping requirements.

    Adding modules and several testers completes, to test function of data export and data loss/retention after module content replacement.